Contributing Composer FAQs

Typically the total time required to complete a video from concept to completion is five days. This would include one day for an informal discussion about the score, a further day for a pre-interview and then three days filming. Were flexible with dates and these three phases will be spread out over a number of weeks.

The OnScore platform uses extracts from copyright works to illustrate Composers’ discussion and analysis. The works are shown in a limited and relevant format (accompanied by acknowledgement) for criticism and review. All media is presented in an educational context, which is allowed under the fair dealing exception to British copyright law.

The OnScore team takes copyright very seriously and have a genuine commitment to respecting protected works and using media in a considerate way. The contributing Composer will never be asked to provide copyright material which is not publicly available, or for which a usage agreement is not in place.

The OnScore platform’s content will be available to its users for a yearly subscription fee (amount TBC).

Yes! Contributing Composers receive a 50% share of all profit made from their video after production expenses. Profit is calculated as a video’s percentage of overall platform view time in any accounting period.

Not at all. The OnScore team will be working on your behalf to produce a film that presents you and your music in their best light. Our shoots are a low pressure environment, and all of the hard work will be done by us. The interview format is such that you don’t need to constantly know everything in the moment – everything can be taken step-by-step.

Absolutely. We have no doubt that you’ll love what we create together, but it’s important that you’re happy before anything gets released. With this in mind, it is written in to our Contributing Composer Agreement that the Composer has final say over the edit.