The Process

For a contributing Composer the process is split into three distinct phases, each led by the OnScore team with the intention of presenting your score in the best light and offering invaluable content to the viewer.

The first phase is simply an informal chat about the score between the Composer and the OnScore team. This is the beginning of a collaborative process to understand where the main focus of the breakdown could be.

The second phase is a pre-interview at the Composer’s studio. This is essentially a deeper exploration of the ideas discussed in phase one and will inform the direction of the filmed interview. Questions will come from the OnScore team, who will by this stage have a good understanding of the score.

Finally, a filmed interview will take the form of a Q&A between OnScore and the Composer. The intention here is to fully explore the music and show the work it’s best light, revealing how it was created and understanding the decisions made along the way.

Our content is filmed by industry professionals used to working in music studios and specifically with Composers, having filmed most of Spitfire’s content up to 2023.